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Physical loss of your data is devastating. This can happen from a cyberattack, a natural disaster, compromised infrastructure or human error. Losing your data disrupts your workflow in every aspect of your business. It can be crippling if there is no immediate recovery and a business continuity system in place and in working order. Stress Free IT® Managed Backup from Expedient Technology Solutions provides peace of mind for your team:

  • Adjustable system backups to meet Recovery Time Objectives and Recovery Point Objectives (RTO/RPO). These are calculations of risk. RTO is a calculation of how long a business can sustain a service interruption and RTO is a calculation of how recent the data will be when it is recovered.  Both are critical in your disaster recovery planning and determining how much data can be lost within a period before significant harm occurs and measures the time from the critical event to the recovery backup restore.
  • Files are duplicated to decrease physical storage requirements and remove redundant data; compressed to reduce the storage footprint for increased retention periods; and this helps you to only pay for what you need.
  • We offer a geographically diverse high-performance architecture that is managed by our team of experts. This offers another layer of protection to your business continuity plans.
  • Business continuity is in place with encryption protection for the secure restoration of your protected systems.
  • Reduce potential downtime with industry leading services from Expedient Technology Solutions’ Tier 4 SOC compliant datacenter, the highest level of the datacenter hierarchy. We’ve demonstrated specialized knowledge with leadership and management skills that provide a smooth and complete data recovery in case of a disaster.

Reach out today to learn how our brand of Stress Free IT® Managed IT Services can improve your business!

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