Offensive Security and Penetration Testing

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Opting to conduct penetration testing on your company’s IT infrastructure serves as a valuable proactive cybersecurity strategy. Identifying vulnerabilities within your system beforehand can prevent potential breaches by malicious actors. It is essential to engage a skilled and certified professional for this task.

Expedient Technology Solutions offers Stress Free IT® Penetration Testing services aimed at uncovering weaknesses in your cybersecurity posture. Whether the vulnerabilities lie in operating systems, service and application flaws, misconfigurations, or risky end-user practices, our expert team follows a methodical approach to assess various aspects of your organization’s security.

Under the guidance of our highly accredited professionals, Stress Free IT® Penetration Testing at Expedient Technology Solutions involves conducting multiple types of tests to analyze different facets of your business within a controlled and structured environment.

Offensive Security Offerings

  • External penetration testing targets assets that are visible on the internet including websites, web applications, email, and domain name servers (DNS). External testing checks to see if a cyber criminal can gain access and extract valuable data or cause damage these systems.
  • Internal testing simulates an attack from inside your firewall and replicates what may happen if someone gained access to a system remotely or physically inside the building.
  • Web application testing seeks to identify and address security issues that exist inside of critical web-based applications.
  • Wireless network penetration testing assesses the security controls and configuration of wireless networks and provides actionable recommendations to increase wireless security.
  • Social engineering testing is designed to test the human element of the company. The tester will gather information on the company and use that information to determine your employee’s response to potential attacks.
  • Physical penetration testing is just as important as all of the technology tests. The penetration tester will go onsite to see how easy it is to gain access to your facility. Checks are done on entry ways, door looks, network jacks, server security, wireless connections, physical backup devices, and physical information on desks and printers. 

Stress Free IT® Penetration Testing will help discover your vulnerabilities and work with you on a plan to mitigate the risks.

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