Category: Virtual CIO

Preparing for Disaster and Keeping Your Business Operating

March 27, 2020

With the quarantine measures taken to combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus, businesses across the country have been scrambling to keep operating. Offices have largely been shut down, and workers are operating remotely.  While modern technology provides the means for workers to continue to work and collaborate from the safety of their homes, uncertainty looms. It is currently unknown how […]

Do I need Hardware in the Cloud?

October 10, 2019

Has the cloud changed how you update your hardware? The cloud, as a concept, still creates confusion: what is it, why does it have to exist, where is it, what should we do differently, and how has it changed how we manage updates? The latter question, how do we manage updates, is a major consideration for […]

How Managed IT Services can secure your Small Business

October 10, 2019

Why your SMB should explore managed services Running your own in-house IT support team can be prohibitively expensive for SMBs. Often IT responsibilities are shouldered by someone with other important duties who may have limited knowledge of IT best practice and use trial and error to fix issues. Or maybe you have to call in […]