Integrated Managed Backups into Your Infrastructure

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Modern businesses (hopefully) understand how important it is to protect their data and systems from potential disaster. With technology, it’s rarely a question of “if” but “when.” Even with the best security systems and the latest hardware in place, things can go wrong very quickly. In addition to suffering from a data breach, you could experience a system crash, power outage, natural disaster, etc.  

These are especially common for businesses that keep their servers and systems onsite. While onsite hosting has its advantages, it also leaves you exposed to more risks, as office buildings aren’t typically designed for server-housing like data centers are. 

That’s why offsite backups are a critical part of disaster recovery and maintaining business continuity. By keeping up-to-date copies of your company’s data, you can mitigate risk and keep business protected from data loss.  

Managing Your Offsite Systems 

With your systems divided across multiple locations, you need a secure, centralized place where everything can easily be monitored and managed. This is where you’ll need a network operations center or NOC. A NOC provides backup creation and deployment, patching management, ongoing monitoring, cybersecurity protection, and more. 

In other words, the NOC is the heart of your digital infrastructure.  

Done correctly, the pairing of onsite systems and offsite backups can be a very effective setup for businesses with higher technical requirements and tighter security measures. Managing this setup, however, can be time consuming work for internal IT staff. 

In-house IT teams are kept plenty busy handling pressing issues and onsite needs. A more effective and affordable solution for managing offsite backups, as well as ongoing system monitoring, is to utilize a third-party IT staff. 

At Expedient Technology Solutions, we not only offer offsite backups, but we can pair them with the on-going management services you need to keep your business running smoothly. Our NOC will be part of your team, making monitoring and management simple. 

Whether you need offsite management or enterprise-level IT support, our IT consultants in Dayton, Ohio are here to help.