Our Clients Speak (October 2019)

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Expedient Technology Solution’s Stress Free IT client survey responses for October 2019.  We are thankful for our clients trust and support of our commitment to reshaping their IT experience. Managed IT Services are only as good as the people providing those services.

·        Thank you, Jake! I appreciate you taking the time last week to test the <3rd party> billing process with me. You provided great expertise … you’ve given me useful information regarding my issue.

·        Thanks again!!

·        Thanks!

·        Outstanding as always

·        Thank you

·        Always a great help

·        Jake is always great to work with!

·        Thanks for the quick follow up.

·        The technician was very helpful!

·        Thank you!

·        Thank you!

·        Thanks

·        Service provider/Tech was great.

·        Thank you!

·        As always, tremendous service! Thank you

·        Watson is determined and persevering and stuck by me all day on this.

·        As usual excellent service.

·        Tyler was very good to work with.

·        I am impressed with the quality of service. Issue was resolved.

·        Thanks

·        Thanks Jacoby!

·        Great!

·        Logan did a great job!!!

·        Tyler was very knowledgeable on the issue I had and was able to quickly & efficiently fix it. Great work Tyler!

·        very quick and timely resolution!

·        Tyler called me right away and fixed my printer set up. Many thanks!

·        Super WOW! Thanks so much for the quick help!

·        FAST, accurate, enthusiastic service!! Thanks!


·        Thank you for saving me a lot of time today

·        Quick and easy

·        Thank you!

·        Thank you.

·        Thank you!

·        Helped in a timely manner.

·        Always great!

·        Thank you!

·        Thank you for your help and cooperation

·        Thank you

·        Very prompt

·        Thanks!

·        Very helpful with getting my email set up

·        I’m very grateful that we all know what to do when <3rd party software> needs attention. thanks!

·        Thank you, Tyler for taking care of this so quickly!!

·        Thanks, you all are great!

·        Tyler is always amazing and helpful

·        Jacoby was very helpful to solve my problem.

·        Thanks very much. Joe did a great job fixing my computer.

·        Awesome as always

·        Appreciated the quick response

·        Awesome, thanks for the quick response

·        Thanks again Jeff!

·        Thanks, Tyler!

·        Thanks for the quick help !

·        Patrick did an excellent job! Thank you!!

·        Thank you!

·        Thanks for all your help getting him all set up. He was very pleased when he came in today!

·        Thanks for your help. He was thrilled to be able to log in & have access right away.

·        Patrick zipped through it

·        Matthew is AMAZING!!!

·        Jacoby always does a great job for me.

·        Joe was awesome!

·        Very quick, friendly response. Was able to address my issue within a few hours.

·        Great help!!

·        Thanks!

·        As always, fabulous service. Thank you!

·        Matt did a fantastic job. He was very helpful, knowledgeable and proficient. Thank you

·        Thanks Jordan!

·        Difficult audio problem solved by Jordan.

·        Thanks Jacoby!!!!

·        Jacoby as always is excellent

·        Fixed in short time. Person handling my ticket was busy with another customer and the person who handled my ticket jumped in between call and fixed my issue. THANK YOU!

·        Aaron was great and got my <browser problem> fixed in no time flat!! Thanks

·        Thank you !

·        Very quick response and met my needs so that I can do my job.

·        Very helpful and fast.  Had me up and working within 5 minutes.

·        Thanks for not only getting <browser> up and going for me but for FINDING my email and taking care of it!

·        Super fast and helpful!!!! Thank you!!

·        Thank you, Tyler!

·        Tyler was awesome as usual!

·        Thank you, everyone!!!

·        Thanks for taking care of this!

·        Wonderful customer service as usual!

·        Tyler had the issue taken care of in less than 2 minutes…AWESOME

·        Thanks!

·        Thank you !!

·        Tech support was very helpful and friendly My issue was resolved within minutes

·        So far so good.

·        Thanks

·        Tom was awesome. Thanks for all your support.

·        Thanks for getting <new person> set up.

·        Just an update and works great

·        Thank you MUCH, PATRICK!!

·        I’m glad I can print this file now

·        Thank you!!

·        Tyler is quick, knowledgeable and personable yet professional

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