Why Should Small Businesses Outsource Their IT?

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There’s no question that modern businesses need IT support. Even small ones. Especially small ones, in fact. The trouble is, the IT needs of a modern business don’t always fall in line with their budget. Some end up hiring one or two in-house IT staff, only to immediately overwhelm them with too much responsibility.  

IT is, after all, a balance of immediate needs and ongoing work. Both are very important, and ultimately, it’s something best handled by a true department of people. 

That’s why many business, particularly smaller ones, decide to outsource some or all of their IT.  

Outsourcing IT Gives You More for Less  

It seems strange that outsourcing your IT needs to an entire team is cheaper than hiring one or two people in house, but the majority of the time, that’s the case. Independent IT companies are structured to handle more needs simultaneously, allowing them to balance both immediate needs and the ongoing work. 

Since they’re not employees, they don’t come with the added expenses of benefits, taxes, and more.  

Just make sure you don’t hire an external company that sneaks in hidden fees and extra charges. Instead, you should look for one with flexible plans and flat rate offerings so you know what your IT is going to cost you each month. 

Scaling to Your Needs 

An individual employee has a hard limit of how much they can do or understand. Many small businesses reach that cap immediately, forcing them to either hire another employee or risk technical errors and security breaches.  

An external IT company, on the other hand, typically has the bandwidth to scale with your needs as you need them to. This makes company growth a smooth process. 

Pairing Outsourced IT with Internal IT 

While a quality external IT team can provide all the services a small business needs, it can be nice to have an employee or two in house if you have the budget. This provides a great opportunity to partner with an external IT company, allowing your internal staff to handle critical needs while the external company keeps everything monitored and running smoothly. 

At ETS, we have a variety of IT services designed for businesses of all sizes. Whether you have no IT staff, one or two employees, or an entire internal team at your disposal, we’re here to support your company, keeping your systems running and your data protected. 

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