What to Look For in an IT Support Company

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Most companies today rely and run on some level of IT support. Advancements in technology has, in many ways, made it easier than ever to operate and run a business from anywhere at any time. The possibilities technology has created for businesses of all sizes is really incredible!

When running and operating smoothly, how it is designed, technology can be the wind against the back of an entrepreneur or business, pushing them forward and helping them continue to advance and innovate.

Unfortunately, technology is not immune to error. And when our devices, software, and systems aren’t working properly, it can not only slow down a business but could ultimately be detrimental. For this reason, we encourage any business we work with to create a disaster recovery plan.

It is also a reason why all businesses should have some sort of IT support available to them. We know not all companies, especially small or medium sized businesses, can afford or would even have a need for an IT support person hired on their staff. We have seen, however, the chaos that ensues within a company that chooses to forgo IT support all together.

Stress Free IT®

We created Stress Free IT® for businesses who don’t have an IT department but still know and see the value of having IT support available to them. We noticed a trend, in IT support, of companies charging astronomical prices for “break fix” services and insane hourly prices for any service, taking advantage of small businesses in vulnerable states of IT disaster.

With Expedient Technology, our Stress Free IT® managed IT services are different. We looked at exactly what small and medium sized businesses need and tailored our plans to fit their needs.

If you are a business owner looking for managed IT services, here is what you should seek to find in an IT service provider:

Little to No Downtime

No matter your business, any of your devices or operating systems down for long can be a major probelm. A managed IT service provider should be able to identify the root cause of a problem as soon as they happen, or even better before they happen through routine monitoring and updating.

24/7 Availability and Support

We all know network issues tend to come about at less than ideal times. Your IT service provider should be available at any time of day that an issue could arise.

Even more so, around the clock monitoring and management will help prevent issues before they happen.

Remote or In-Person Service

Many IT questions and disruptions can be solved remotely. Having this option will allow problems to be fixed quickly with limited down time. For some issues, however, you may need in person help or training. Having a managed IT company that can provide both in person and remote services will be beneficial for you.

What Makes Stress Free IT® Different?

In addition to providing all of the above services, Stress Free IT® is offered to businesses at a flat monthly rate. This allows for predictable budgeting which is beneficial for businesses of all sizes. No more giant bills coming in the mail for disaster recovery or paying absurd hourly rates for routine services.

With Expedient Technology’s Stress-Free IT® you get all the benefits of having an accredited IT specialist at your fingertips!