The Basics of Information Technology & Why it Must be Supported

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You may gloss over reading the abbreviation “IT” knowing it refers generally to the vast world of technology. Today, IT is a part of all of our daily lives whether it’s personally or professionally. Information technology (or “IT) falls under the umbrella category of information systems.

Information systems, when applied to business, is the management of an entire set of information, and it includes not only the technology components involved but the people and processes as well.

What is Information Technology?

Information technology is the study, design, implementation, support, or management of computer-based information systems. Chances are if you own or work within a company or organization you use an extensive amount of technology to make your business run. Technology always needs to be managed and supported to continue to work effectively.

IT services and support will focus on maintaining your information technology system’s hardware, software, databases, and networks. In addition, we have an end goal of communicating to you and all users how to best utilize its functionality to serve your business goals.

Our IT professionals must be able to think critically and innovatively solve business problems through technology. Their expertise and accreditations covers a breadth of disciplines, including computer software, cyber and data security, and project management.

IT Support

Breaking down IT support into 3 categories can help you to establish a strategy for IT in your organization. At Expedient Technology Solutions we offer IT services in Dayton, Ohio that cover each of these basic areas of information technology.

IT Management: IT Management allows us to work with your organization. Establishing and managing a combination of policies and processes that ensure your information technology systems are a competitive advantage.

IT Operations: This is a general term that refers to the daily work of an IT department. Information technology systems require consistent network maintenance, cybersecurity testing and monitoring, device management, and general tech support.

IT Hardware and Infrastructure: This refers to the physical assets and components that make up your information technology infrastructure. Support of this area of IT includes set up, installation, monitoring and maintenance on equipment.

Why Is IT Important?

Simply put, most businesses or organizations would not be able to function without effective IT systems. It’s almost impossible in the modern world to operate without some form of technology system.

Today, more and more companies are leaning into the advantages information technology can offer them.

“IT can provide the edge a company needs to outsmart, outpace and out-deliver competitors,” says Edward Kiledjian, a Chief Information Security Officer and technology blogger.

As we have seen, your system is only as good as the support team you have in place to manage it. Our Stress Free IT ® services could be the answer to your business’s next level of efficiency and success!