How to develop an IT Strategy to combat growth obstacles

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A growing business is undoubtedly a good thing. As the success of your business grows, so must your team, your products or services, your operation strategy, and much more.

For this reason, while it is something to celebrate, a successful business can also come with growing pains. Your business strategy must evolve and change as old objectives and goals become obsolete. This is especially relevant to your IT strategy.

The IT roadmap you had in place when you started your business likely won’t support the larger business you are operating today or will operate in the future. It is imperative to scale your IT along with your business.

While there is no one-size-fits-all IT plan, there are multiple common aspects that growing businesses should keep in mind when developing and implementing an IT strategy.

Expanding to New Locations

If adding new brick-and-mortar locations is a part of your plan to grow and develop your business, you will also need to expand your IT infrastructure to support that. New offices or locations of operation must be integrated within the corporate network.

Offering New Products or Services

As your company grows you will likely expand on services or products you offer your customers. This is a great step in growing your business but will also include IT updates. Internal databases, customer-facing channels (websites, apps, etc.) marketing tools, and methods of collecting information will all need to be updated as you expand your offerings.

Mergers And Acquisitions

Growing companies often merge with other companies to join forces or acquire other businesses as they grow and expand. Mergers and acquisitions introduce an opportunity to integrate two IT operating systems into one.

Short on Time

The best IT strategies are developed in advance and are a part of your growth plan. Many growing businesses don’t factor IT into their growth and end up reacting to problems instead of taking the time to plan for them.

Lack of Resources or Knowledge

A major stumbling block for smaller businesses that are growing daily is simply a lack of knowledge or resources. An IT employee who knows how to support a small business or has learned along the way, may not have the knowledge, education, or credentials to implement what is needed to support a larger business.

At the same time a growing business likely still doesn’t have the budget to hire well-versed IT employees or have the IT department necessary.

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