Is Your Team Struggling in This Fast Paced Digital World?

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It’s possible that in the past your workplace or team was able to skirt by with dated technology or slower forms of communication. But we all know that 2020 changed the way we do many things — from grocery shopping and eating out, to homeschooling and working remotely. More than ever our whole society had to rely on technology and quickly adapt to the ever changing environment we were in.

For many companies, this wasn’t a big deal. They already had the infrastructure and systems in place to work remotely while still being efficient and effective. For other companies and businesses however, this new world of technology reliance hasn’t come so easy.

Whether your employees and teams are simply unfamiliar with operating or learning new programs, or you don’t have the capacity to develop new systems, or the means to hire technical support on your staff; we know there can be many obstacles to improving your technology.

Does it feel like your company is falling behind in the fast paced digital world? There are several programs and systems that can be implemented without the need of additional technical support on staff.

As a technical Support Company serving the Dayton, Ohio area one of the easiest to use programs we have found for companies who would like to improve collaboration is Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is a one stop shop for many areas your company or team members may be struggling with.

This program can easily be implemented to solve many problems at once. Here are a few of the features Microsoft Teams has to offer that can help your team get back up to the pace of 2021.

Chat & Instant messaging

Gone are the days where internal communication is done through email. It has been found that internal messaging done through email clogs up inboxes and leads to inefficiencies in many areas.

Additionally, with remote work being the new normal, you can no longer walk over to your coworkers office to discuss pressing matters. This is where instant messages and chats come to play. Quickly and effectively handle internal communication through Microsoft Teams, including group messages and video calls, all in one place.

Voice And Video Conferencing

Several different video conferencing platforms took center stage in 2020. Has your work place established it’s default conferencing tool. It is important for a company to use one form of conferencing to decrease confusion and streamline systems. Why not use a video conferencing system that lives within the same system as everything else you are operating?

File Sharing

Microsoft Teams feature their updated file sharing program where you can collaboratively work on live documents and easily organize projects all within the same platform you use to communicate.

Catching Up In 2021

For a company that feels they are falling behind or even individual staff members who need help catching up, Expedient Technology Solutions is passing along our knowledge of all things pertaining to Microsoft Teams in an easy to digest free Webinar.

We will walk participants through key features of Microsoft Teams and end with a time of question and answer. We strongly believe that in today’s day and age IT support is necessary for companies and businesses of all sizes. For that reason, we strive to always provide affordable and accessible IT support.

To join us for our free Microsoft Teams webinar on Wednesday, July 21st view the information below and click to sign up!

Microsoft Teams Free Webinar
Wed, Jul 21, 2021 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM EDT

We will be covering these topics during our Key Features of Microsoft Teams webinar:

a. Chat / Instant Messaging including private discussions or calls
b. Voice and Video conferencing including external guests
c. Channels and Tabs
d. File Sharing
e. Apps and Connectors to 3rd party software
f. Don’t forget the inline animated GIFs
g. We’ll end with time for Q&A.