What is PEN Testing?

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PEN testing, also known as penetration testing, is just how it sounds. A safe and organized attempt to exploit the vulnerabilities within an IT infrastructure. In the world of cybersecurity, this can be one of the most useful practices to get a real time look at vulnerabilities.

PEN tests can be used to find gaps in your cybersecurity whether they fall in operating systems, services and application flaws, improper configurations or risky end-user behavior.

Choosing to perform a PEN test on your company’s IT infrastructure, is an excellent preventative cybersecurity measure. It will allow you to find flaws in your system before someone else can. In a controlled environment, such as a PEN test, professionals can use the information found to evaluate and assess your cybersecurity and ultimately help you build a stronger infrastructure.

We want to emphasize that penetration testing should be done by professionals, someone with even more experience than the hackers who would try to penetrate your system from the outside. At Expedient Technology, our team of accredited cybersecurity experts can perform multiple types of PEN testing to evaluate different areas of your infrastructure.

What Are The Different Types of PEN Testing?

Based on the goals you have for your cybersecurity or the type of business you run, there are different types of penetration testing that can be done on your system.


External PEN testing targets assets that are visible on the internet. This includes your website, web applications, email and domain name servers (DNS). External testing will see if it is possible for cyber criminals to gain access and extract valuable data from these interfaces.


Internal PEN testing simulates an attack from inside the firewall. This could happen in the case of a disgruntled employee or more likely from someone who gained access as an employee through a phishing scam or other means.


In a blind test, we are given very little information other than the name of the company to test. This allows IT teams to get a realistic look of what an attack may look like.

Double Blind

A double blind PEN test is done when the IT team at a company is not aware a test is coming. This ensures all defenses are as they are on a regular basis and an IT team has to respond naturally as if the attack was real.


Targeted PEN testing is where the attacker and IT team work together, letting each other know their every move. This can be valuable for training and gives your team an inside look at the mind and strategy of a hacker.

Penetration Testing can be a valuable exercise to not only test the strength and vulnerabilities of your cybersecurity but to also train your team in how to respond effectively.

Moving Forward After PEN Testing

PEN testing will reveal to you your cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

And then what?

Your next best step to address and correct the vulnerabilities is to work with a cyber-focused managed IT company like Expedient Technology to help you improve on your cybersecurity in Dayton, Ohio. Our team of accredited experts can perform your PEN test and help get your cybersecurity up to speed with your company, keeping it protected for years to come.