Cybersecurity for Small & Medium-Sized Businesses in 2020

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SMBs sit in a precarious spot when it comes to cybersecurity. They face the same cyber threats as large businesses, yet they often lack the resources and infrastructure to properly defend against them. Because of this, some malicious tactics specifically target smaller businesses.  

With the quarantine measures enacted to combat the spread of COVID-19, countless SMBs found themselves having to rapidly adapt to remote operations. This created a number of opportunities to exploit, leading to a 400% increase in cyberattacks under COVID-19. Even as SMBs have grown accustomed to the new-normal of digital offices, many are still severely under-protected against current threats. 

Unfortunately, most of these same businesses lack the inhouse resources to fix this problem on their own.  

Talking to SMBs about Cybersecurity 

Between June and July 2020, one of our partners interviewed 700 IT and business decision makers involved in cybersecurity for their organization. A rigorous screening process was used to qualify each participant, ensuring only suitable candidates were included. The organizations that these participants represent range from 10-1000 employees and operate in a variety of industries across the world. 

Getting the Cybersecurity You Need  

According to the survey, 91% of businesses would consider using or switching to a managed service provider that offered the right cybersecurity services. Defining what the “right” services are can be difficult. Every business has different needs, models, risks, and budgets.

That’s why we believe in a customized approached to cybersecurity.

At Expedient Technology Solutions, we offer tiered IT services that meet you where you’re at. Whether you need basic help desk support and systems monitoring or you’d like us to act as your virtual CIO, ETS has the skills and experience you need at a price you can afford.

Make sure your business is ready for today’s threats. Contact us today to learn what ETS can do for you.